#MySUSU: VP Sports Development Success!

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Over the past year, there have been a host of positive changes within the Sports Development zone. The purpose of the Sports Development zone is to enable our members to enjoy sport and unlock the potential of every one of our athletes here at Southampton. Vice President of Sports Development Katie Lightowler has done so much more since the last election, including raising the profile of #TeamSouthampton and raising money for charity in association with RAG.

In March 2014, the Sports Development Zone set out on a mission to develop a sporting strategy to create a vision for sports in Southampton. This started with the creation of a sporting identity, as Team Southampton was launched at Varsity 2014. This created a real community feel among the students competing for the University, leading to victory over Portsmouth. March 2014 also saw Southampton co-hosting the Sport Relief Mile, which raised awareness for Team Southampton.

In June 2014, the Intra-Mural Committee was created, and SUSU took control of the leagues over from the University which increased student involvement. Then in December, charity fundraising was increased through sport, as RAG and AU began to plan joint fundraisers which turned out to be huge successes. For example, the team captains of the AU teams took part in Movember to raise money and awareness for charitable causes, and a badminton charity tournament was held.


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