#MySUSU – What have we done for you lately?

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Over the past year SUSU have been busy at work trying to improve life for every student at the University. As part of the #MySUSU initiative we’re putting a spotlight on a few things that SUSU has done to help improve student life.

From March we began to focus on improving communication between students and the local community, with a community newsletter distributed to local residents and 283 individuals engaged in Student Volunteering Week.

In June we established the RAG awards, which celebrates student volunteering, meaning all the students who dedicate time and effort to helping others are recognised. As well as this, RAG’s annual fundraising campaign, The Big Give, was covered in the local press!












We’ve started work to improve how we communicate with students, by maximising the use of student emails and by conducting research into SUSU and the University’s communications. Additionally, the Sabbs have started to film vlogs another way to interact with the student community. This means it’ll be easier for all students at the University to access the important information they need.

In December we organised and ran the enterprise conference, which involved talks and lunches, and was supported by Career Destinations.

It’s been a huge year in terms of engagement and student life, and we know it’s only going to get better in 2015.

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