A World of Opportunities with OPUS

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The biggest opportunity to find out how to get involved in every single society SUSU has to offer is at the Bunfight in Freshers’ Week. Unfortunately, like most good things, the Bunfight doesn’t happen very often – only once a year. So if you missed your change back in September and are sitting at your desk, twiddling your thumbs with boredom, OPUS might be the thing for you.

OPUS is a new system that the University of Southampton and SUSU have signed up to – it works as a database for all opportunities on campus. From an SU perspective, as we’ve mentioned above, this means openings in societies – volunteers, performers, writers, sportsmen and everything in between. But it’s not just about these sort of jobs – there are paid opportunities up for grabs too: internships, ambassador roles and coaching opportunities. There’s also the chance to enter yourself for university academic awards, which usually have a pretty sweet prize attached to them (as well as looking impressive on the old CV!)

The beauty of OPUS is that it works both ways – if you’re looking to recruit, you can post opportunities here too. No more harassing all your Facebook friends via various events to join your band: get the opportunity out to people who really are interested via OPUS.

To find out more about OPUS and to start searching for your next opportunity click here.

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