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Thursday 26 February  saw a renaissance of the Union at Winchester with the highly successful Re FRESH, Re FOCUS, Re UNION event. Numbers were estimated in the range of 100-120 as students came to discuss the future of SUSU at the WSA campus, and what SUSU can do for them.

The event saw students vote on the installation of microwaves on their campus, casting over 100 votes. The creativity of WSA students was also tested in a competition to choose a new slogan for their campus hoodies – a winner will be chosen from the 40 entries.

Anjit Aulakh, VP Communities feels that the event met its aim: “I’d say the event went very well surpassing any expectations we had, we had a lot of people provide us positive and constructive feedback over what they’d like from their union and with the momentum we have we’ll most certainly strive to keep this level of interaction up” words echoed by the new Union Manager, Michelle Keely, who said “There was a really great atmosphere at our first event and we are looking forward to reviewing the feedback and getting many more activities planned for students in WSA”.

It looks like there are plenty of good things to come for the Union in Winchester, and events show promise for the growth of SUSU on satellite campuses.

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