SUSU Elections results revealed!

In General

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It’s been another great year for student democracy at SUSU, with thousands of votes cast!

There was some action-packed campaigning by some very dedicated candidates.

Every student who voted had a say on the students who will lead our Students’ Union!

And here is who you chose…

Union President:
Benjamin Franklin

VP Democracy & Creative Industries:
Kerry Sclater

VP Welfare:
Sam Bailey

VP Engagement:
Hannah Talbot

VP Student Communities:
Anjit Aulakh

VP Sports Development:
Jamie Wilson

VP Education:
Shruti Verma

Student leaders:

Ethics and Environment Officer:
Amy Paraskeva

Student Groups Officer:
Trini Philip

The Edge Editor:
Natalie Fordham

Wessex Scene Editor:
Bridie Pearson-Jones

SUSUtv Station Manager:
Christopher Evans

Surge Radio Station Manager:
Dan Linstead

Union Films Cinema Manager:
Christina Vinothan

JCR Officer:
Flora Noble

RAG Officer:
Kieran Reals

Nightline Officer:
Luke Hashman

Housing Officer:
Louise Bellamy

Athletic Union Officer:
Katie Lightowler

Physical Sciences & Engineering Faculty Officer:
Giles Howard

Engineering and Environment Faculty Officer:
Vinnie Sivadev

Humanities Faculty Officer:
Frazer Delves

Social and Human Faculty Officer:
Harriet Hall

Business and Law Faculty Officer:
Marc Goh

Health Sciences Faculty Officer:
Daniel Browning

Student Trustee:
Nathe Jenkins

Union Councillors:

Jade Head

Phillipa Pearce

Kokulan Mahendiran

Alexander Howard

Zehong Au

Positions with no candidates:
Enterprise Officer, Equality and Diversity Officer, International Students Officer, Intramural Officer, NOC (Site) Officer, Natural and Environmental Sciences Faculty Officer, Post-Graduate Officer, Sports Participation Officer, Wellbeing Officer and Winchester (Site) Officer.
If you voted, we’d like to thank you for taking part of a great year for student democracy and ensuring we represent your views.

An incredible 5829 people voted – which gives us a turnout of 25.1%. Although this is slightly down on last year (27.7%), despite having fewer candidates (51, from 69 last year), we actually had a higher number of votes on a per-candidate basis, which we’re still really proud of.

If you were a candidate, an extra big thanks. You worked so hard for your votes and were a major reason for our amazing high turnout.

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