A huge Varsity victory for #TeamSoton

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It maybe Monday morning, but it’s time to celebrate as yesterday saw another victory for Team Southampton over in Portsmouth in our annual Varsity competition. Over 40 of our AU sports teams went head to head with theirs in order to decide the ultimate victor between the two universities – and we’re so excited to say that it was a landslide victory for our own sportsmen and women!  If anyone stood out to you remember you have just a few hours left to make your nominations for our AU Awards (these close at midnight tonight!) – Click here to see the list of awards and criteria and here to see the nomination form.

We had a number of our student media teams down at Varsity giving us live social media coverage (including our own communications team!)… so here’s the highlights of the day in tweets.

We start late last night, with an insight to the fear in VP Sports Development, Katie’s stomach…

The team from our very own Surge Radio were up bright and early with their mascot to report on the day’s events as they happened.

Some of the first matches of the day were netball and men’s hockey thirds – our team and the sharp Surge reporters got some snaps.

The team from the Wessex Scene, our student magazine, were on-site chatting to teams and bystanders. Check out their liveblog for their run-down of the day, and more gems like this one.

They also sparked a round of #varsityselfies, in which our media teams were more than happy to partake. Did you tweet yours to the Scene?

As the afternoon got underway, things started to heat up – check out this close call in the rowing!

Crowds started to build as the results became more and more crucial…

Some incredible achievements from our sportsmen and women were the real highlights of the day.

The Surge team caught Katie to get her thoughts on the day’s successes.

Another Sabb (and a returning one this time, congratulations Anjit!) was spotted taking part.

The men’s rugby first team’s half time was filled by our own Vixens…

…followed by some serious success on the pitch in the second half from our team.

As the day moved towards a close, there was nothing our teams could do but wait for the final results to be announced.

But they didn’t have to wait for long!

The Soton Tab got this amazing victory shot out on Twitter. Check out their liveblog for details on every match as well as more photos like this.

A huge congratulations to all our teams – what a win! It’s amazing to see so many of our students out representing the AU. We’ll leave you with this celebration video…

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