Don’t crack under the pressure this Easter

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SUSU has put together top tips and sources of support for the Easter break….

Read the small print

Remind yourself what your tenancy agreement says should be done when your house or flat is empty (clauses may require you to take steps to prevent household damage in cold weather and/or to notify your landlord should the property be empty for a specified period).

It’s good to talk

Be sure you and your housemates are all clear on who is leaving and when. Decide which of you will take responsibility for ensuring the house is clean, safe and secure before you all go.

Holiday plans

Winter has gone and the days are becoming brighter and longer. The Easter break may be a long awaited chance to visit friends, see family or simply to travel. It also offers time to review and plan your academic progress. Balance rest and relaxation with the demands of your course and the limitations of your budget.

A helping hand

Support is available – whatever you want to get from your break:

• For practical guidance The SUSU Advice Centre is open Monday to Friday (apart from days on which the University is closed) – details can be found here:

Enabling Services provides wide variety of support for students who have disabilities, mental health problems or specific learning difficulties and has a weekday drop-in between 1pm and 3pm (apart from days on which the University is closed when students should, in an emergency, access the out of hours service)

– details can be found here:

• The new Academic Skills Hub in the Hartley Library provides a range of academic services for students (apart from days on which the University is closed)

– details can be found here:

• Financial Information and Assistance, along with The SUSU Advice Centre will be visiting WSA on Thursday 19th March to offer advice to students on the Universities hardship fund and to help students save money.

Finally, don’t forget that for many of you, your final instalments of grant and loan will be paid directly to you in April. This needs to stretch across the whole summer break so if you need some help budgeting, then come along and speak to one of the team at The Advice Centre.

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