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The National Student Survey is in full swing for just one more week – we’ve already given you 12 Reasons Why You Should Probably Do The National Student Surveybut if that’s not enough, we chatted to Sophia D’angelico, your VP Education, about why she thinks it’s worth your time.

Hi, Sophia. Can you explain what the NSS is?
SD: The National Student Survey is a survey, launched in 2005, of all final year undergraduate degree students at institutions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
What sort of questions does it ask?
SD: All the questions refer to the student experience thought their time at University.
Why do you think students should take it?
SD: The NSS data is vital to both Union and University strategy. The results from the survey lead to direct change on your course for the following cohort.
Can you name any positive changes you’ve seen made at Southampton as a result of the NSS?
SD: An awful lot has changed as a result of the NSS findings. For a start, the annual enhancement theme last year – feedback on assessment was a result of NSS responses.
How can final year students take the NSS, and when is the deadline?
SD: They can find it here, and it will remain open until the 30th April this year.
To see how your faculty is measuring up, you can take a look at the latest stats right here:

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