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We always have great events going on within SUSU, but we’ve got a few extra special ones next term.

You may have been to our signature cocktail night on Fridays in The Bridge, but May 5 it’ll get a makeover for a one-off Harry Potter cocktail night. Whether you want veritaserum or polyjuice potion, make sure you come along for a magical night.

A couple of old favourites will be returning into the summer term: Quiz and Curry will be continuing in The Bridge every Sunday from 7pm, as well as the Steak Club on Mondays. The Steak Club is the best place in Southampton to get amazing cuts of meat on a student budget, so if you haven’t been yet it’s definitely worth a try. You can check out SUSUtv’s review of the night below:

If you love Eurovision as much as us, make sure you head along to The Stags on 16 May where we’ll be showing it live! What could be better than having a few drinks and singing along to euro-pop?

This is of course alongside the EVAs, AU Ball and #SUSUGradBall, as well as much, much more.

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