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With everything else that there is to do and get involved in at University, you can sometimes forget that one of the reasons you’re here is to gain a degree. However, there are two groups who work tirelessly on education so you don’t have to stress about module choices or lecture clashes.

The first group is, of course, your lecturers. Who are there with you during the 9am lectures, only they can’t sleep through them, and work incredibly hard to make sure you get the education you deserve. The second is the group of academic reps. They’re the ones who raise the difficult issues to your department or faculty, so you don’t have to, and dedicate their time to making sure your degree is the best it can be.

These groups can often be the unsung heroes of your whole University experience, so here at SUSU we decided we wanted to celebrate the hard work they do. This year we’ll be hosting both the ETAs (Excellence in Teaching Awards) and CRAs (Course Rep Awards). Nominations have closed a while ago, and now you can check the full list of amazing nominees for both awards below…

Both events take place on Thursday 7 May in The Cube, Highfield Campus. Tickets for the Course Rep Awards are available now from the SUSU Box Office.

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