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We’ve all been there – it gets to the end of term, and throughout your year at uni you’ve accumulated more stuff than you know what to do with (or will fit in your suitcases!) The array of clothes you bought but never wore, the books you bought on a whim and never opened, and the host of pots and pans donated by your aunt’s sister’s yoga teacher’s next-door neighbour that you’ve never used.

Well, we’re going to help you shift your stuff. If you need to declutter your room, but want your old items to go to a worthwhile cause, we can help. All you need to do is…

Step One: Collect a red bag (or two) from SUSU Highfield reception, WSA reception & Erasmus Park Halls reception at any time until June 29th (if you live in Portswood, Highfield or Erasmus Park you’ll get one of these through the door!)

Step Two: Fill said bag with any unwanted items including: clothes, homeware, kitchenware, electronics, books, stationary and non-perishable food. (The only things we don’t accept are sharp knives, liquids or perishable foods!)

Step Three: Then, all you need to do is drop the bag back at SUSU Highfield Reception or WSA before 30th June, or to a collection point in Portswood or Highfield on Thursday 11th or Tuesday 30th June – you can just leave your bag outside your house before 11am and we will come and collect it right from your doorstep!

Alternatively, if you do not live in the collection area and your bag is too heavy to carry to a drop-off point email EandE@soton.ac.uk to arrange a pick-up. All items that are donated will go to local charities, homeless shelters, animal shelters or incoming students.

You can find out more information by checking out the Facebook event.

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