Pet a Puppy is Here!

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After the success of our Petting Zoo event, we are hosting a Pet a Puppy event on Thursday 4th June. The event is designed to help you relax and de-stress after all the exams, or to help you chill out before any final exams at the end of the exam period.

Everybody knows puppies are one of the cutest things known to man, so it makes sense that by giving them a cuddle, you’ll get the perfect stress-buster.

Whilst this event is aimed at helping students, we are also taking the welfare of the puppies very seriously too, ensuring that they have regular breaks from being petted and also limiting how many students can be with one puppy at one time, so that the puppies can also enjoy the experience.

The event will be taking place on the Redbrick between 11am and 2pm, so make sure that you come along and see all the cuteness that the puppies bring!

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