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This year saw the return of SUSU’s ‘Shift Your Stuff’ campaign in which students were able to donate any unwanted belongings to SUSU who would then give these to charitable causes including local charities, homeless and animal shelters and even to new students. All you have to do is collect a red bag from SUSU Reception if you’re based in Southampton or from reception at Erasmus Park Halls if you’re a student at WSA, and fill it up!

Our first was on the 11th June and it was a great success, with lots of students donating lots of unwanted items that will be used well by whoever receives them, and if you did not manage to get your bag full for our last bag collection, then fear not as there is another one on its way.

Volunteers will be collecting bags again in Portswood and Highfield on Tuesday 30th June, so just in time for everyone moving out of their current accommodation, simply leave your bag outside of your house by 11am. Alternatively, bring your bag of unwanted items to SUSU Reception or WSA Reception, or if your bag is too heavy and you do not live in the collection area, simply email EandE@soton.ac.uk to arrange collection.

Not only will shifting your stuff with SUSU ensure that any unwanted items will go to a good home, but it will also help keep the area you live in clean and tidy. Furthermore, if you want to volunteer to collect the red bags, then simply fill in this form, and anybody who does volunteer will be rewarded with free pizza and drinks at the Stags bar on campus.

Click here to sign up to the next session!

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