Breaking Up For Summer

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Summer is here, which means that a lot of students have gone home and suddenly Southampton feels very empty.

Although it will be tough, with the nightlife at home not matching up to the Jesters standard, constantly having to explain that very funny story to your friends at home, who just do not find it funny, and loving family members who quickly irritate you, fear not, as soon enough it will be Freshers Week and you’ll be reunited with your housemates and friends.

Making the most of the summer break is different for everyone, with some people preferring a few months of doing nothing, whilst others will travel across the globe on charitable ventures. Maybe you’re about to enter your final year and want to get your head down and do some reading, or perhaps you’ve just finished your first year and want to carry on the fun that first year brings, whatever you do, make sure that this summer is about doing what you want to do and getting the most of it, no matter what it is that you’re doing.

If you are at home over summer then you can still keep up to date with what we are doing, by following our social media sites and by keeping an eye out on your Student Media (Surge Radio, Wessex Scene, SUSUtv and The Edge) for all the latest updates.

It is also important to remember that whilst a lot of students have left Southampton, many students do stick around, especially postgraduate students. If you are staying in Southampton then it is important to remember that our services will be operating on the holiday timetable, so if you are planning a visit to The Bridge, or The Stags, then check that they are open before you get there!

Whether you are at home or still in Southampton, there are still services that you can use if you need help too, from The Advice Center to Enabling Services, if you need help then people are there for you.

So no matter what you plan on doing, or if you have nothing planned at all, summer is now here, so make the most of it!

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