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Did you know that we have a LinkedIn account? In fact do you know what LinkedIn even is?! Read on for a round-up on how we use the professional social network, and how you can connect with us to boost your employability while you study, and as you graduate from Southampton.

LinkedIn uses social media in a slightly different way, focusing on creating links between yourself and the people you meet in life on a professional level. Unlike Facebook, where you send a friend request to someone, on LinkedIn people send each other requests to be added to your page, so you may just get a request from someone who was in your primary school for a few months, but is now a successful businessman (equally, you could be that person who is adding others!) and could just be in the market for employing someone. People can also ‘endorse’ you by agreeing that you’ve got the skills that your profile says you have, and you can add items from your CV to your personal page, such as any work experience or internships. Ultimately, this could lead to you getting your dream job, simply by organising your professional life onto a social media site!

So, how do we fit in?

Well, if you work for the Union you can link us onto your personal profile – thereby linking your name alongside a company that represents over 20,000 students. You can include voluntary positions on societies as well as any paid work – all your experiences here are valuable. Moreover, anybody that searches for us can also see who we’re linked with and so will be able to see your name, and your role, and so might just give you a click and consider you for any positions they have. So really, there is nothing to lose by connecting with us. You can also search who we are connected to, and so if you’re searching for a job then it can be so useful!

It’s only a click away – connect with us here.


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