5 Things We Know You’ll Miss About SUSU This Summer

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The summer season has rolled around again, and for many of you that means leaving Southampton and all that we have to offer, so have a nostalgic look back on all the things that you’ll miss when you’re not here.

1. SUSU the Cat

susu cat

Whether you’re a cat person or not, we’re all agreed that SUSU the Cat is the real queen of Building 42. Even if you’ve got pets back home, will your day really be the same without a grumpy scowl from our resident furry friend?

2. Quiz and Curry

Quiz & Curry Poster


There’s really no better way to round off your week than enjoying the Quiz and Curry with friends. Sure, at home you could get a takeaway and try and join in with an episode of Pointless, but we know deep down you’ll be desperate to come back for the Bridge’s most popular event come September.

3. The Bridge 

the bridge susu

And even when there’s not an event on, the Bridge is always buzzing with activity. Try not to spend your whole summer itching to be back on our comfy sofas, enjoying an iced coffee with your friends – we know it won’t be easy!

4. Campaigns


There isn’t a week that goes by without a campaign to make your university experience the best it can be. Whether it’s the Spring Elections, the Stress Less Fest or the recent Shift Your Stuff campaign, there’s always something exciting that you can get involved with on campus. We doubt you’ll be quite as enthusiastic when your mum tells you to shift your stuff off your bedroom floor this summer…

5. Societies and Groups 

V News

Whether you’re a part of the Athletic Union and practice weekly, or perhaps a member of Performing Arts who loves to dance, chances are you’re a member of at least one society (and if you’re not, you’re doing it wrong). Your friends back home might be great for a catch-up and a pint – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but you’ll soon be keen to be back with your society, doing what you love together.

We know summer is tough without us, but don’t worry, when Freshers’ 2015 comes around in three months time we’ll be back in action to cater for all your needs. For now, don’t forget to check our website for details on what’s open and what’s going on over summer too!

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