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Following on from the success of our first collection of unwanted goods as part of our Shift Your Stuff campaign, the second collection will be taking place tomorrow, Tuesday 30th June.

The Shift Your Stuff campaign is designed to help you clear out any bits that you no longer need or want and then rehome them with people or charities, such as incoming students, animal shelters or homeless shelters, that can make good use of them when you no longer need them. Not only will this be helping other people but it will also be helping to keep the environment that you live in clear of rubbish,  creating a nicer area to live.

If you want to donate your stuff then you’ll need to put any donations into a red bag, which can be collected from SUSU Reception, WSA Reception or Erasmus Park Halls Reception. If you live in Portswood, Highfield or Erasmus Park then you will receive one of these red bags through your door! The only donations that cannot be accepted are sharp knives, liquids and perishable foods, but anything else is welcome.

The bag collection will be taking place on the 30th June in Portswood and Highfield, but you can also take your red bag to SUSU Reception or WSA Reception and donate your bag there. Alternatively, if you cannot do this because your bag is too heavy or you live outside of the collection area then please email eande@soton.ac.uk to arrange collection.

Our first collection was very successful with lots of great items being donated both by the collection and by being donated directly to Reception, and it is a great way of recycling unwanted goods just as you move out of old accommodation into your new home.


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