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Today marks the end of an era as the Sabbatical Team and Student Leader Team for 2014-2015 come to the end of their terms in office. The team, led by Union President David Mendoza Wolfson, have had an eventful year making positive changes to your students union and will surely be missed as the new team takes office.

This year the team has consisted of Megan Downing (Vice President Democracy and Creative Indusries), Ellie Cawthera (Vice President Engagement), Beckie Thomas (Vice President Welfare), Katie Lightowler (Vice President Sport), Sophia D’Angelico (Vice President Education) and Anjit Aulakh (Vice President Student Communities) working alongside David.

Some highlights from this years team include hosting regional conferences, creative campaigns to help make students lives better and leading Team Southampton to winning Varsity in emphatic style. Moreover, the team have left lasting legacies with new societies, better support for JCRs and more opportunities for students being some of these.

It is also the last day of office for the Student Leader team, who are volunteers that take on a whole range of exciting roles, from leading your media outlets to chairing committees such as Equality and Diversity, to looking after student groups and JCRs.

The new team of Sabbatical Officers who take office tomorrow are led by Ben Franklin as Union President. On the role, Ben says ‘David has left me some great long term projects And between those and my own ideas I’ve got my work cut out for me – I am buzzing to get going on it all!’

Joining Ben are:

  • Kerry Sclater (Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries)
  • Hannah Talbot (Vice President Engagement)
  • Sam Bailey (Vice President Welfare)
  • Jamie Wilson (Vice President Sports Development)
  • Shruti Verma (Vice President Education)
  • Anjit Aulakh (Vice President Student Communities)

There will also be a new Student Leader team that take office tomorrow too, it looks like an exciting year lies ahead!

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