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It’s summer so a lot of you will be at home, but that’s not to say that there is still not a lot of support on offer should you need it. Whether it is a personal problem or an educational one or something related to your health, there are things available that can help.

The first place to visit should be The Advice Centre, located on Level 3 of Building 40. Open from 9am-5pm each weekday, they provide support in a host of areas including Academic Advice, Housing Advice and Finance Advice. Although it could be easy to overlook these areas over summer they can still provide problems, whether it is related to module choices, moving into your new house and finding the walls covered in damp, or worries about paying summer rent, The Advice Centre can help! You can email them advice@susu.org or ring them on 02380 592085 to book an appointment.

Alternative services include your personal tutor, who should always be able to respond to any emails you send, and senior tutors are available too, so contact your departmental office for extra contacts. You could also contact the Peer Mentoring service that is on offer, and that can be done by emailing peersupport@susu.org.

There are also services outside of SUSU that can be of help, such as the Samaritans if you would like to talk to someone at any time any day, or if you are worried about a mental health issue then there is also Student Minds who can help.

The most important thing to remember is that whatever the problem is, you are not alone. There are people that can help and support you with your problems, so make use of them and do not suffer in silence!

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