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You might have seen the new University of Southampton Student Communications page, but if you haven’t already now’s the time to give it a cheeky like. After the University commissioned a student communications survey last year, they found that the majority of students expressed a desire to see fewer emails flooding their inboxes and instead see more on social media. In response, the University of Southampton Student Communications page has been created to communicate student-specific news, information and community updates.

The page is run by interns alongside their studies and is aimed directly at students. They’re hoping to tap into the already huge student community and extend it online, with the eventual goal being to make the page community driven. This would mean that any student or department could submit suggestions for posts through a generic email address, and the team will review and share those submissions.

The page is part of a wider initiative to improve communications between students and the university, and there are plans to expand the current Facebook page with a newsletter, Twitter account and WhatsApp service.

You can currently submit stories for the page by emailing: studentcomms@soton.ac.uk, so if you know an outstanding student who deserves recognition or your society has done something pretty awesome make sure you get in touch. When you email remember to include a relevant subject line, contact information and a couple of paragraphs about the story you’re submitting, including links and imagery if possible.

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