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At the Union there are a host of exciting part time jobs you can take up alongside your degree. Be it working as part of the bars team, assisting with marketing or joining the communications crew (we’re the ones who write these blog posts!)

One of the latest jobs we’ve had is the design crew, which is a group of students who assist our  designers in creating artwork for a variety of projects. Excitingly, all our current student design crew members are from Winchester School of Art (WSA.) We’re so pleased that more WSA students have been able to get involved with the Union’s work here at Highfield, and are proud of the work they’ve been doing.

Jess Shaw, one of the current members of the team told us about her experience in the design crew, saying:“I’ve found being a part of the Design Crew really rewarding – it’s great to be a part of a collective creative process and see how your individual contributions combine to produce a strong outcome. It’s also fantastic working as part of a team with like-minded people who appreciate and enjoy design in the same ways you do too, but what makes it special is that everyone has their own individual flair and styles evident in their design, and it is this fusion of everyone’s ideas which makes it exciting to design for and really fun to work with. I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far and I am excited for what is to come!”

Another member, Claire Johnson added: “I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the design around the SU alongside my Graphic Arts degree; working on live briefs is fantastic design experience. It’s also great to be more involved at the Highfield campus, since most of my time is spent at WSA. Now I’m in my final year, it will be great to make some impact on the uni, even in a small way, before I leave.“

Find out more about the latest goings on at WSA on their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/TheUnionWinchester



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