The Countdown to Results is on!

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Results Day is only days away now, and that means that thousands of you will be finding out if you’ll be coming to join us here in Southampton. If you are hoping to join us then it is important that you keep up to date with everything that we are planning for your freshers’ period, and there are lots of ways for you to do that.

If you’re a Twitter user then of course you should be following @yoursusu for all the latest updates, but also the official hashtag to use is #sotonfreshers. This is a great way for you to get interactive with us and with other new students, so don’t forget to use it. There is also the Official University of Southampton Freshers Group on Facebook, which you should all join, and don’t forget to like the Official Freshers Page also on Facebook. Through these social networks we will be revealing all of the exciting plans for your freshers’!

Talking of which, there is a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming: simply keep an eye out on the social networks mentioned above on Friday at 2pm. Alternatively tune in to Surge Radio’s Welcome to Southampton shows, where they will also be revealing some big news!

On Results Day itself, our team of Sabbatical Officers are going to be on hand to answer any questions or worries that you have. Led by Union President Ben Franklin, the Full Time Officers are seven officers who have been elected by the student body to lead the Union. On Results Day they’ll be on social media to answer any questions that you have, and if you want to email them then the list of Sabbatical Officers and their email addresses can be found here.

Hopefully that has got you even more excited for Freshers’, good luck for Results Day and hopefully you’ll be joining us here soon!

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