Pre-Sessional Events are still taking place!

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Whilst lots of you are getting excited to come to Southampton in September, or return to Southampton if you are continuing your course, we have had hundreds of pre-sessional students studying here over the summer. It’s only fair that we give these students some amazing events to attend, so for the next few weeks in the run up to Freshers’, we will be continuing to offer some awesome opportunities!

So far the events calendar for pre-sessional students has been wide and varied, with events ranging from trips to the Isle of Wight and Cambridge to lots of sporting activities including basketball and table tennis. This variety is set to continue as summer starts to wind down and everyone is starting to get ready for Freshers.

Events still to come in the next few weeks are trips to Marwell Zoo and Thorpe Park as well as film screenings courtesy of Union Films. Marwell Zoo is only 30 minutes away from Southampton and has lots of animals all cared for by trained zookeepers. The animals aren’t the only attractions, as there is also a zoo train and regular opportunities to watch the animals feed. This trip will be a delightful day out!

Thorpe Park is known to many as a rollercoaster haven. From the incredible 10 looped Colossus to the incredibly wet Tidal Wave, Thorpe Park has rides and attractions for everyone! Both trips are set to be in high demand, so keep this in mind when thinking about purchasing tickets.

After the success of the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone screening, Union Films will be showing The Dark Knight for pre-sessional students on Wednesday 2nd September. It begins at 8pm and has English subtitles.

We are also continuing the sporting events with basketball, tennis, badminton and table tennis taking place over the coming weeks.

For more information about the pre-sessional timetable, click here, and we hope that you’ll be joining us on one of our many events that we have coming up prior to term starting!


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