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From finding out breaking news to keeping up with a friend that you spoke to 3 years ago, most people (and certainly most students), use at least one social network, be it Facebook or Twitter or another networking site.

We recognise that student’s want fast and effective ways to keep up to date with what’s happening at their Union, so we work hard to maintain a great social media presence to keep you informed.

If you’re not keeping up with our social media sites then you’re missing out on the action!

If you are coming to Southampton in a few weeks’ time as a Fresher, then you will want to like our Official Freshers’ Page on Facebook and join our Official Freshers’ Group to chat to your fellow students. These are the only official Facebook groups for our Union, and any announcements that we make will come from these so it is important that you follow them and keep up to date with them.

There is also our Official Union Facebook Page, which gives all the information for Freshers’ and beyond, as well as our accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Our Twitter handle is @yoursusu whilst our Instagram handle is @sususnaps. We tweet every day with updates from the Union, as well as live tweeting big events (which will be handy during Freshers’!), whilst we regularly update our Instagram with photos that show off our Union and the things that make it great.

We also update our website regularly with information, such as these news stories that give you all the info you may want and need. Make sure you have a little explore of our website where we have a calendar listing all of our activities throughout the year, links to every society and student group (currently over 300!) and access to our Box Office where you can buy tickets to our events.

As you can see we make full use of social media, so if you want all the latest updates from your union, then get liking and following our pages!

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