Are you an international student coming to Southampton this Freshers’?

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Freshers’ can be a hard time for some students; having to deal with living away from home for the first time can bring lots of issues. So spare a thought for international students, many of whom have travelled thousands of miles to come and study here. If you are one of those students, then we have lots lined up for you to help make your first few weeks here easier and so much fun!

Of course the first thing we have on offer is the Master Pass, allowing you entry to big events plus activities organised by your JCR. This can be bought at the Box Office. The Master Pass is a great way of meeting hundreds of new people in your first few weeks. Whether it’s at your Welcome Party, Foam Party or Freshers’ Ball, you’re guaranteed to meet lots of new people.

We also have some events that are specific for international students, such as our Global Speed Meet on Thursday 24th September. This event takes place in the Union between 11am-2pm and gives you a great way to quickly meet lots of new people! There’s no need to worry if you are nervous about making new friends, everyone is in the same situation and feels nervous; all it takes is a few slightly awkward conversations to make lasting friendships. Also, check out societies in the Student Communities zone. This is the zone where most of the societies and student groups devoted to cultural experience are organised, as many of them will be having events throughout Freshers’ where you can meet other people from the country you come from.

More specific help and guidance is available through various means, such as our Advice Centre, which offers advice to help you deal with any issues you may face in the coming weeks. You can also contact Anjit Aulakh, who is your Full-time Sabbatical Officer responsible for international students, by emailing vpcommunities@susu.org.

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