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Following on from the hugely successful Pet a Puppy events of the last year, we are giving you the chance to Meet the Guide Dogs this Freshers’!

The event was last seen in exam season and many students found that petting the trainee guide dogs to be the perfect way to relax from all the stresses that exam season brings. Although there are no exams going on during Freshers’, due to the huge popularity of the event before, we just couldn’t resist giving you another chance to experience this little treat during Freshers’! What’s more is the event is free and anyone can attend!

The event will take place on Tuesday 29th September between 11am-2pm at the Union. Make sure that you join us early, so you don’t miss out on your chance to Meet the Guide Dogs as the last event was very busy! This is a perfect daytime event for you to attend, and may just give you help you relax after your first hectic week of Freshers’ as you begin your degree properly.

There is also no need to be worried about the welfare of the guide dogs as this is a top priority of ours. The dogs will have regular breaks and the amount of people that can be with a dog at any one time is restricted, so that the dogs are never overwhelmed. Plus, our little canine companions need to familiarise themselves with other people, so that they can make a difference to someone’s life as a guide dog.

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