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It’s official…Freshers’ 2015/16 has begun! Congratulations on becoming a part of something special here at Southampton. We will strive to give you the best time of your life here and it all starts with your Freshers’ Week!

Alongside your JCR (an group of elected officers who are responsible for every halls group, including those in Private Rented accommodation), we have worked hard to bring you the best Freshers’ lineup  yet, featuring classic events such as the Bunfight and Freshers’ Ball with brand new ones like The Gatsby Dinner Dance!

But it’s all very good telling you about what we have planned, but who exactly are ‘we’?

In short, we are your Students’ Union and you are now our members! Everything we do is with the aim of representing your voice, whilst also giving you as many opportunities as possible, from joining societies and student groups to even becoming a part-time member of our staff. Led by a team of seven Full-Time Sabbatical Officers elected by students every year, we do everything we can to ensure that you have an amazing time whilst studying here.

While we are involved in organising your Freshers’ events, there is a lot more to us than your first two weeks at university. We have over 300 societies and student groups to ensure that there is something for everyone to get involved in; we have SURecruit, which is our very own recruitment agency to help you find part-time work while you study; and we have our own letting agency, SUSU Lettings, to help you find housing after your first year.

If you’re finding moving here a little difficult to adjust to, we also have the Advice Centre where you can go for confidential and impartial advice during your time at University!

This is just a brief introduction to who we are. You will learn more about us as you study here and take part in Union life. After all, at the end of it all, we are run by students, for students!

Enjoy Freshers’, and welcome to the University of Southampton Students’ Union!

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