10 things you did not know about the Students’ Union…until now!

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The Students’ Union is full of weird and fun facts that you may have never known about…until now!

  • Let’s start with one of our favourites…we have our own cat called Susu!

Susu is a stray cat who has adopted the Students’ Union at Highfield as her home – you can often see her chilling on the sofas by The Cube being cuddled by students.

  • In preparation for Freshers’, we ordered over 7,000 pot noodles to give away to this year’s intake! 

True story – don’t say we don’t spoil you.

  • In last year’s Union elections, Private Rented are the JCR that voted the most, whilst Creative Industries was the zone with most votes cast!

Getting a chance to vote in the Union elections is a big part of University life. Check out our website to find out more.

  • Famous alumni who got involved with the Union include Chris Stark who was a member of Surge Radio and John Denham MP who became President of the Union!

You will hopefully have seen Chris Stark headlining our Welcome Parties.

  • We are so keen on our history, that not only do we keep records in stores all over the building, but also right underneath The Cube.

How else would we know so many fun facts about the history of the Students’ Union?!

  • We used to have a wine tasting society here at Southampton, whilst we no longer have that, we still have over 300 societies and student groups that you can join!

You can attend out Cheese and Wine Tasting evening at The Bridge on 29th September from 6.30pm. Get your tickets from the Box Office before they sell out. You can also find out about our student groups and societies at The Bunfight tomorrow from 10:30am at the Students’ Union, Highfield, or if you are a Winchester School of Art student, you can come along to The Mini-Bunfight on Wednesday 30th September from 11am at the WSA Cafe.

  • You automatically become a member of the Union when you sign up to study at Southampton!

Some Students’ Unions ask students to pay a membership fee, but not us! As a fully-fledged member of the Union, you are able to vote in our elections, attend our events and help to make decisions about your University life.

  • We’ve recently just updated our Bar 2 area so that it is now fully equipped with comfy bean bags and a TV!

Get away from the stresses of University life and sit on the comfiest sofas known to mankind located next to The Cube in the Students’ Union.

  • Connaught Halls was one of the original Halls of Residences when the university was first built!

Team Connaught! Find out more about your Halls of Residences here.

  • There are currently 52 elected students that take on key roles in leading the Union, from the 7 sabbatical officers to the heads of the media departments!

Find out more about how you can run for one these roles here.

Now there’s something new you’ve just learned! Tweet us @yoursusu if you have any more #funfacts for us!

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