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Isn’t winter perfect? Snuggling up at home in your blanket, enjoying a nice cuppa and get chuffed for the festive season. But for some, once the clocks change, the winter blues arrive. Yes, that guy we don’t like seeing every year! Here are top tips to beat them!

1. Get out and be active

One of the best ways to let the winter blues not get the best of you is to go out! Yes, it’s cold but the fresh air and making the most of the sunlight (although not much!) will make you feel a lot better. So grab your parka and a friend and go for walk. The Common is just around the corner and if you are feeling adventurous, a take a short train ride to the New Forest.

2. Eat Healthily

The temptation of ordering Domino’s or popping some fries in the oven is endless. But as everyone says, if you eat better, you’ll feel better. So if you’ve got a go to recipe, treat yourself to a lush healthy meal, maybe treat your housemates too! I mean food does make us happy, right?

3. Friends and family

Having people that love you around, is definitely uplifting. So instead of staying in your room, being sad and feeling like the universe is against you, invite your friends over, sit in the kitchen or just give your parents a call.

4. Pick up something new

Keeping yourself busy with something fun will help you get your mind off things. At the Union we’ve got a lots of different societies and groups you can join. Have a look and try something new.

5. Travel abroad

If you’ve got the finance to go on holiday… DO IT! Travel somewhere sunny and soak up the sunshine for a week or two. The Canaries is a perfect destination for sunshine and you’re bound to get great weather.

6. Seek medical advice

If you experience low mood and have noticed it happens frequently when winter comes, you might be affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Do some research online and pick up that phone to see your doctor. They probably be able to advise you on what to do to reduce symptoms and make transform you back into a happy butterfly. So follow these steps to not let the winter blues take over you! Be and stay fabulous!

If you are struggling, make sure you contact the Advice Centre.

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