Halls Committee elections – Nominations Now Open

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You can now nominate yourself to be involved in your Halls Committee!

What are Halls Committees?

Every Halls of residence at University of Southampton (including private rented) has their own Halls Committee (formerly known as JCRs), to ensure that students are given the support they need in their first year.

What roles can I run for?

Each Halls (including Private rented) has the following roles:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Welfare and Campaigns Officer
  • Sports Officer
  • Fundraising and Volunteering Officer
  • Events and Activities Officer
  • Communities Officer

What can I gain from running?

  • Opportunity to shape your Halls! – Staying in Halls can be a great experience; you have the opportunity to make lots of new friends who will be by your side through your first year of University life and beyond! This means that it is so important to ensure that the support offered by each Halls Committee is second to none and you can have a say in how you think it can be improved.
  • Gain work experience – University is the perfect chance to build up experience and gain responsibility in your chosen area and Halls Committees are central to this. If you’re a natural leader or you want to go into management, run for President. If you’re interested in ensuring student welfare, run for Welfare and Campaign Officer; the list goes on!
  • Have fun – Staying in Halls is a great experience and by running for committee, you can prolong your involvement in Halls life. Run events and activities to get everyone in Halls involved.

Ok, this sounds awesome. How do I nominate myself?

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