Calling all PGRs – Nominations for PGR Committee opening soon!

In General

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Nominations open tomorrow for a range of positions as part of an all-new PGR Committee, designed to provide greater representation, support and opportunities for all PGRs.


What roles are available?

The line-up includes four new roles covering the following key areas:


Training & Development Officer

  • Responsibilities include gauging PGRs’ satisfaction with current training and development opportunities, and communicating ideas and feedback to the Union and University.

Academic Quality Officer

  • This role involves representing PGRs’ academic issues to the doctoral college, and suggesting and supporting policies that will improve the quality of their academic lives.

Welfare Officer

  • This position is designed to improve the understanding of PGRs’ mental wellbeing and their access to the Advice Centre and Enabling Services.

Community Engagement Officer

  • Duties include helping the Union and University to plan events and services suitable for PGRs, and promoting equal opportunities for all groups across the PGR community.


Why should I run?

That’s the formal bit over – so why should you get involved?

Well, this is a fantastic opportunity to improve life for PGRs and experience the operations of the University first hand.  Not to mention it can be great fun getting involved in something outside of your studies, as well as giving you lots of responsibility to enhance your CV! Roles should require no more than four hours a week, so you can also rest assured that being a part of the committee will not interfere with your other commitments.


So, how do I nominate myself?

Nominations kick off tomorrow and run until 12pm on Thursday 26th November. All of the information will be up on the website shortly at www.susu.org/elections where you will be able to find out more and nominate yourself. Make sure you also join the Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/929838933730204/ for more information on all of the roles.

Good luck!

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