Refreshers’: What not to miss!

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So the year is flying by and you’re wondering if you’ll ever make it to Karaoke night at The Stag’s….fear not; the bucket list has arrived!

Having completed and smashed January exams, Refreshers’ is a euphoric time capsule with many opportunities to explore the diverse range of events that the Union offers.

Didn’t party hard enough during September Freshers’? Here’s a brief line-up of the events:

Tue – Bloc Party

Wed – Student therapy Oceana

Thurs – Big Night Out

Fri – Juiced @ Switch

Sunday – Refreshers’ Rave

You can get tickets for these events on the Box Office in one all-inclusive Refreshers’ pass – check it out!

Check out the Refreshers’ Facebook event to find out more.

Where can I get great food?

First of all, a visit to The Bridge is obligatory. It serves exceptional food at low prices (a chip butty is only £2.50!). It’s also got the notorious Quiz + Curry nights on Sundays 7pm; why not test out your trivia and even won some money?!

Where are the arts + crafts?

Take a trip to Winchester and discover their craft market which takes place

every third Sunday of each month from 10am – 4pm.

Cinema prices breaking your wallet?

The Union cinema, Union Films, is right on your doorstep plus it’s only £3!

Click here for the latest showings.

Justin Beiber’s new hair do not provoking enough intellectual stimulation?

Come to a debating society event at the Nuffield and raise your thoughts!

As well as the above, here’s a brief bucket list for the rest of your university year:

 Play PS4 at The Stag’s.

 Get your haircut on campus at Shine Hairdressers. (If it’s a Wednesday it’s free!)

 Get your ‘merica mood on at Bar 3 Diner in the Students’ Union (milkshakes + burgers!)

 Laugh at a Comedy Central event

 Play squash in the Susu building

 Watch a Lacrosse game at Wide Lane

 Watch a Student play in the Nuffield Theatre

 Join an alternative society like Canoe Polo

 Go all out on the poundzone in the SUSU shop

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