Society Spotlight: Meet Nursing and Midwifery Society (NAMSOC)

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We caught up with NAMSOC (Nursing and Midwifery Society) President Zan Winder and Co-Vice President Calum Lyon to chat about their society and why you should consider becoming a member. Here’s what they said…
Describe Nursing and Midwifery Society and what it is you do:

Nursing and Midwifery Society (NAMSOC) society has 586 members to date and was established back in 2005. The society aims to support it’s members throughout their journey as a student nurse or midwife. Our committee comprises of 15 members: president, vice presidents, nursing rep, welfare rep, communications rep, midwifery rep, sports rep, social secs, mature student rep, treasurers and merchandisers. We offer social support, organising many varied events for our members. But we also offer academic support with workshops, the NAMSOC hotline and drop in sessions.

What is the best part about being involved in your society?
We give our members numerous discounts on restaurants and bars within Southampton. We also aim to be there to support both members and non members throughout their journeys to becoming nurses and midwives at University both in person and through social media.

Why should students join Nursing and Midwifery Society:
Because being student nurses and midwives ourselves, we strive to support other health sciences students the way we would like to have been supported throughout our journey. We also hold great socials which gives us a chance to actually let our hair down for once, we get so busy particularly when we’re on placement!

Do you have to be a student studying nursing or midwifery subject to join?
Ideally yes, we can only really share our experiences with those in the same discipline as us
What could those who aren’t studying nursing or midwifery subjects gain from being a member?
Unfortunately, probably not much, our events tend to be aimed at nursing and midwifery students
How much knowledge of nursing or midwifery would you need to take part?
Any student nurse or midwife can join our society. It doesn’t matter whether they’ve just started at uni and know nothing or they’re about to qualify and have a great deal of knowledge. Once you have a membership you are a member for life.
A fun fact about your society/If you could teach us one thing about nursing or midwifery or the society
This is a hard question really, we are all so crazy and weird in our own kind of way! Whenever we have committee meetings they go on for hours, because we just have such a laugh and mess about a bit. We do have our professional side though obviously!
Does your society require anything to take part e.g. clothing, equipment, knowledge?
No! With no experience or the most experience you could possibly have, all nurses and midwives are welcome!

Any events/meetings coming up that you think students would be interested in?
The NAMSOC Gatsby Christmas Ball on 1st December at the Grand Harbour Hotel.

The theme is The Great Gatsby, so girls get your hands on some beautiful dresses and guys don your fedoras. The event will begin with a drinks reception at 18.45pm (free drink included) and the venue will be fully decorated according to the theme. There will be a red carpet ready for your grand entrance, a beautiful photo on arrival, as well as an exquisite 3 course banquet meal. (Please email namsoc@soton.ac.uk with your meal requests and any dietary requirements you may have. There will be a seating plan of 10 per table, so try and email us with who you would like to sit with so we can attempt to accommodate your requests).
We will also have live singers for your entertainment during your arrival and throughout the meal. Afterwards, a fantastic DJ will have your enjoyment covered throughout the evening with a few surprises thrown in along the way.

Tickets will be £33.50.There will be physical ticket sales every evening until the 30th November, where we will be in The Stag’s (details will be posted in Facebook daily). Tickets will also be available for plus ones, housemates and friends. Please do hurry and get your tickets as they are selling pretty fast!!! We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the event!!!!

You can find full details about tickets here.

If you would like us to feature your society, please email comms@susu.org

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