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You’re almost there! All that hard work and those long hours in the library will soon be worth it and, at long last, you’ll be able to say: ‘I’m a graduate!’

So what have you learnt from your time here? We asked one of our graduates to share five memorable experiences that you’d only understand if you’d graduated from Southampton. Here’s what they came up with – do any of these ring a bell?!

  1. After trekking up Church Lane, Everest feels like child’s play.
  2.  How to write the perfect ‘tell him/tell her’ post to find your library crush without looking like a try hard.
  3.  Apparently a city CAN’T have too many ice cream shops.
  4.  The pain when you have to pay more than £4 to see a film at the cinema (God bless Union Films!)
  5.  No curry anywhere else in the world tastes better at 3am than at Manzils!

And now you can create even more fantastic memories and celebrate in style at your upcoming Grad Ball!

This is the ultimate chance to recognise the successes of you and your friends before you move on to even bigger and better things. And now we want YOU to decide exactly what you want to make this a night to truly remember.

Some of you have already taken part in Tap Choose Change to vote between having a Summer or Grad Ball – and now we know Grad Ball is here to stay, take part in our survey below to have your say about what you’d like:


In the meantime, take a look at our Grad Balls through the ages here – we’ve had everything from Enchantment Under the Sea to Moulin Rouge!


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