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We caught up with Jithin James Mullappillil, President of Kandyan and Bharatanatyam Dance Society to ask what he loves about being involved in a society and why other students should join. The society was founded in 2013 and has 25 regular dance members. Not sure what Kandyan and Bharatanatyam dancing is? Read all about it here…

Describe your society and what it is you do:

Southampton Kandyan and Bharatanatyam Dance Society provides dance training and classes for two Asian classical dance styles. Kandyan and Bharata Natyam are two of the most well known, tradtional Sri Lankan and Indian cultural dancing. Kandyan dancing is a type of traditional Sri Lankan dancing originated from the area Kandy in Sri Lanka, mostly known for their costumes and live drums being played when performing. Bharata Natyam, reflects the culture of India at its best, hallmarks of this dance being a perfect balance of the body, eloquents of expression, and precision of footwork to intricate mathematical rhythms.

What is the best part about being involved in your society?

You not only get to learn and practice an awesome dance style, but it’s a great workout too. In addition you get to meet some wonderful people in a very sociable environment and have lots of great fun!

Why should students join your Society:

Students should always try something new. And what is more unique than learning a completely new dance style such Kandyan and Bharatanatyam? You get to wear awesome colourful costumes and show off in lots of performances.

Do you have to be a student studying or have previous experience of the subject to join?

Not at all. We are a society open to anyone. Our membership fee and class prices are very small. Anyone is welcome to join from beginners to advanced levels. We have different squads that cater to everyone’s level.Don’t be shy!

What could those who aren’t studying or have had previous experience of the subject  gain from being a member?  

For someone who has experience, this is the perfect opportunity to keep dancing and not lose their touch with the dance style, and at the same time meet other people of different backgrounds that all do the same thing.

How much knowledge of the subject would you need to take part?

No prior knowledge is required.

A fun fact about your society/If you could teach us one thing about your subject or the society:

Fun Fact: We literally Shine! From head to toe! Covered in colourful costumes, jewellery and accessories.

Fun Fact: Kandyan and Bharatanatyam dances are a great bum workout. Works better than any squat and it’s so much more fun!

Does your society require anything to take part e.g. clothing, equipment, knowledge?

Clothing is usually provided from the society, at a small cost. We buy it according to the performers for the shows because they are quite unique and have to be specially ordered. Once you have a costume, you can reuse them for other shows, so it’s an investment. Equipment that is used in these types of dancing are anklets with bells. This is a very important equipment for Kandyan and Bharatanatyam dancers. The latter are provided from us as well.

Any events/meetings coming up that you would like students to know about?

YES quite an important event too..

THAALA : our Inter-University dance competition (whole of UK)

When: 13th February 2016

Who: All universities in the nation who want to participate

Where: Tuner Sims Concert Hall

How: Tickets can be bought online at the Turner Sims Box Office. Early Bird tickets are available now (only a limited amount)

Join the Facebook event here. Find out more about the event on the page here.

What is the best way for students to contact you?

Students can contact us directly on our facebook page or email us here.

Are you part of a student group or society that you think should be featured in our Society Spotlight? If so, we want to hear from you. Get in touch at comms@susu.org and we look forward to getting to know you.

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