Housing: Good things come to those who wait!

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It’s that time of year again: the housing frenzy has descended upon us. You haven’t found somewhere to live next year, you have no idea who you’ll be moving in with and various letting agents and landlords may have convinced you that you need to get a move on.

But we’re here to tell you – Don’t Rush to Rent!

Sadly, we know of far too many students who, under pressure to commit, have ended up in some unpleasant situations that could easily have been avoided. Damp, mould and pests rank highly in the list of housing issues experienced by students.

Before you sign on that dotted line, know your rights and make sure you:

  • DO YOUR RESEARCH – find out what other students have said about your potential letting agent or landlord.
  • CHOOSE HOUSEMATES WISELY – don’t let your friends become ‘housemates from hell’.
  • GET CHECKED – get your contract checked for free at The Advice Centre.
  • SHOP AROUND – look at a few houses and get to know what you’re looking for.
  • BE PICKY – take your time to find a good quality house you’re happy with.

You can find out more about our Don’t Rush to Rent campaign here. Or why not help others and earn a bit of cash in the process by completing our Recommend Your Landlord survey? We will then get in touch with your landlord and, if we let any of their properties, you will receive £50!

Also make sure you check out our Housing Fayre, which will be running between 1st and 5th February, including lots of events to help you make an informed choice when it comes to your housing for next year. Activities will cover a range of different issues including how to protect your property from burglaries; what to look out for in your housing contract; insurance; deposit protection schemes – and much more.


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