What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

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New Year’s Resolutions. Every year we all make them; picking things that are way out of even Superman’s reach like running a marathon each week or visiting one hundred new countries. But we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions alongside ways to help you keep them throughout the year.

If your New Year’s resolution is to…get fit
Possibly one of the most popular picks for a New Year’s resolution, but often one of the hardest to stick to. However, getting fit can be more fun than racking up the hours on a treadmill staring at the same brick wall in the gym! There are tonnes of different sports clubs at the Union that you can take part in, be it kite surfing or korfball, squash or skydiving, there’s a society for everybody. And if you’re feeling inspired by Strictly and want to boost your fitness by getting your groove on on there’s a range of dance societies you could join, for both the absolute beginners and those of you who are already pros.

If your New Year’s resolution is to…travel to new places
If in 2016 you want to fulfil your inner wanderlust than what better way than joining  Travelling Society? With cultural evenings throughout the year and the chance to meet others with a passion for travelling, it’s the perfect way to make sure you stick to your resolution.

If your new year’s resolution is to…volunteer more
There are tonnes of ways to volunteer within the Students’ Union. You could run for a society committee at their AGM and help run in in the next year, or even run for a position within the Union in the March elections. Alternatively, you can check out what RAG are up to, as they always have fantastic opportunities to help fundraise for charity.

If your New Year’s resolution is to…try something new
With hundreds of societies here at the Union, so there’s bound to be something you’ve never tried before. You could present your own radio show, audition for a play, or even indulge in your childhood fantasies of playing Quidditch; or why not try them all?!

So how are you completing your New Year’s resolution? Let us know by Tweeting @YourSUSU with the hashtag #SotonNYres!

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