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We understand that University is a great chance to explore different opportunities: join societies, make new friends, take up a new hobby and discover your new surroundings. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure that your student experience is the best it can be! Here are some things that you asked for and we made happen…

You Said – “Help us to find suitable work opportunities”

The Students’ Union Did – In September, we launched our very own on-site recruitment agency, SURecruit, to help you find part-time work while you study.

SURecruit has been helping you to find part-time or temporary job opportunities and you are now able to talk to our experienced Recruitment Manager in person to find the best opportunities for you. The agency also uses its Facebook page to give you tips and advice to improve your employability.  You can find out more here: www.facebook.com/surecruit


You Said – “We need more space in the Shop and dedicated space for SUSU and University branded merchandise”.

The Students’ Union Did – We opened The Shop on Top above the SU shop, to sell gifts, branded stationary and clothing.

You can now show you are a member of the University of Southampton (and Team Southampton!) with branded merchandise and clothing. Also, by the additional retail space allows you to browse the items more easily.


You Said – “Improve how you communicate with us”.

The Students’ Union Did – We used the University’s research into student communications to review our current communications and launched a monthly e-newsletter to keep you up-to-date with #SotonLife. We also liaise closely with students and student groups to strengthen our relationships and relevance. We conducted research into SUSU and the University’s communication and launched a monthly e-newsletter to keep you up-to-date with the #SotonLife.

You receive the information you need in a timely manner, without being bombarded by emails that may not be relevant.


You Said – “Bring us the biggest names in the entertainment industry”.

The Students’ Union Did – In 2015, we brought some of the bestselling artists such as Lethal Bizzle, Professor Green, Labrinth and Katy B to your Students’ Union. Our sell-out comedy evening ‘Laughter Lounge’ also brings the finest professionals the circuit has to offer at student prices with comedians such as Josh Widdicombe, Shappi Khorsandi, and Rob Beckett plus many more.

You get to see the bands and acts that you love for bargain prices on your doorstep.


You Said – “Improve our housing experience”.

The Students’ Union Did – We continue to lobby local lettings agents and private landlords as part of the ‘Vent about your Rent’ campaign to make sure you get the fairest deal on your student house. Also, we have reviewed the JCR structure (now called Halls Committees) to improve your housing experience and get better support when living in Halls of Residence and private accommodation. Don’t forget that we have our in-house no-fee lettings agency to help you find the right place.

You can ensure a safe home that doesn’t cost the earth. Also, you have access to a support network in your Union Halls Committee so that you make the right choice of house and housemates. We also provide you with life skills from getting along with housemates, to organising bills, to deposits and inventories.


You Said – “Improve our entertainment and academic spaces”.

The Students’ Union Did – Last October, we confirmed The Cube renovation plan and we also turned our Bar 2 area into a social space with sofas, a 65-inch television screen to help students relax.

We will be spending £200,000 on The Cube renovation plan, which includes the installation of a permanent stage, brighter lighting and larger, more comfortable seats (you decided the colour of the seats in a Tap. Choose. Change poll). You now have a non-trading, free space to hang out, watch TV and play games between lectures.


You Said – “We need more financial support for student groups”.

The Students’ Union Did – We carried out a research of feasibility to create a student groups financial support project.

Whether you are a Union group or a student group, you have been supported by the Students’ Union to get the financial support you have asked for. This is currently being researched. 


You Said – “Jubilee opening hours should be extended”

The Students’ Union Did – We are currently lobbying the University.The Vice-President Sports Development has met several times with the Head of Sport and Wellbeing at University to negotiate longer opening times in the Jubilee Sport Centre. The University is currently looking at the feasibility of the project

You can use the Students’ Union to hold the University to account by lobbying them for matters which are important to you. You will be informed on the progress.


You Said – “The Gym Membership needs to be reviewed”.

The Students’ Union Did – The Vice-President Sports Development is currently working with the University to consider new prices options.

We want to adapt the offer to your needs with cheaper options to access the gym and keep fit and healthy while at University. You will be informed on the progress.


You Said – “We need an anonymous online instant messaging service to help us deal with mental health issues”.

The Students’ Union Did – We supported Nightline, a confidential listening service run by students to provide an anonymous online instant messaging service.

You are offered more flexibility to access the support you when you need it.


We have many more examples of things that Students’ Union has improved or changed for you according to your feedback. Watch out for more on our social media and on this blog.

If there is something that you would like to change at the Students’ Union, please go to the Make a Change section of our website and submit your suggestions. Your elected Full-Time Officers read every post and answer them publicly on the site and many suggestions are discussed at Union Council.


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