You Are More Than: The Petting Zoo is back!

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If you cast your mind back to this time last year, we held a Petting Zoo as part of Stress Less Fest (now known as ‘You Are More Than’) to give you a chance to de-stress and relax away from your studies. There were sheep, goats, chickens and even these adorable ducks to rid you of your deadline woes and study blues.


Well, we have some good news for you. The Petting Zoo is back due to popular demand! We understand that you want to do well at University, but it is important to remember that sometimes it is helpful to take a break, whether you are studying a degree, completing a thesis, getting your portfolio together or you are on a placement. That’s why we have organised ‘You Are More Than’, a timetable packed with free events and activities, including the Petting Zoo in order to help you de-stress.

Great, so when is the Petting Zoo?

Tuesday 12th January

What time is it?


Where is it held?

Redbrick Area outside Building 42, Highfield Campus

What about the other You Are More Than events?

You can check out the timetable of events on your Vice-President Welfare, Sam’s blog here. Events are subject to change.

Join the Facebook event here.

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