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As a Students’ Union, we offer you the chance to have your say and shape your Union with elections, voting and opportunities to submit your suggestions and feedback during the year. However, we are always open to improving the platforms that we offer for you to make decisions. Here are some of the ways we have listened to your feedback on democracy in the past year…


You Said – “We want a platform where we can directly ask questions to Officers and make changes happen more easily”.

The Students’ Union Did – Last May, we launched the ‘You Make Change’ webpage, where you ask questions and suggest ideas for direct consideration and action by  your elected Officers. Also, the Officers continue to visit all campuses regularly to talk to students face-to-face.

You now have one clear process to hold your Officers to account and to get your opinions heard.


You Said – “Not many students take part in SUSU Democracy”.

The Students’ Union Did – We have been reviewing the Democracy system at the Students’ Union, including trying various new systems, such as Tap Choose Change and Student Forum trials. The Full-Time Officers took the opportunity to get a bigger student consultation using the Referendum.

You have greater opportunity to have your voice heard and get involved with the decision-making process of the Students’ Union.

We have many more examples of things that Students’ Union has improved or changed for you according to your feedback. Watch out for more on our social media.


If there is something that you would like to change at the Students’ Union, please go to the Make a Change section of our website and submit your suggestions. Your elected Full-Time Officers read every post and answer them publicly on the site and many suggestions are discussed at Union Council.



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