Road Cycling Club raises £8,000 for bike maintenance stands

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Cycling has become an increasingly popular way of getting across campus. It’s free, good exercise and you’re looking after the environment at the same time! To help you out and encourage you to keep on cycling safely, Road Cycling Club (SURC) has been busy raising over £8,000 to fund public bike maintenance stands for you to use across the University.

The stands are set to be installed at Highfield and Boldrewood campuses, to give the public free access to bike maintenance tools and a tyre pump. The University’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC) already has bike maintenance stands located across the campus.


So who will benefit?

According to research conducted by the society, 1 in 10 people cycles to the University for work or study which equates to over 3,000 members of staff and students that will benefit from the new stands.

By providing these facilities, SURC said that they “…hope that more people will be able to cycle using safe, fully working bikes.” They added that “by providing a place and tools for basic self-maintenance… [they] .. hope to reduce the demand on the bike doctor.”

How much does one bike maintenance stand cost?

  • Bike stand with tools: £1074
  • Public pump: £2148
  • 5 spare pump heads: £50
  • Spare tool kit for Highfield campus: £99.99
  • Delivery costs : £78
  • Installation costs: £400
  • Maintenance: £150 for 2 years

Grand total: £3999.99

How did they raise it?

The society has been campaigning during 2015 via social media and by holding events across the Students’ Union in a bid to raise £4,000 to fund and maintain a bike stand for Highfield campus. The additional £4,000 was raised via the University’s Annual Giving Programme, which matched SURC’s amount through its Student Experience Fund. This money will be used to purchase and maintain a further stand at Boldrewood campus.


Find out more about SURC and learn how to use the bike maintenance stands here.

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