Easy Tips for Saving Money as a Student

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Being a student comes with many opportunities, which can make it difficult to live life on a shoe-string. We’ve compiled some of our top tips to help you save money.

Budget during the first week of term

Making a budget early on will prevent you from blowing your entire savings in just a few weeks. It’s easy to get complacent especially when your student loan comes in so make sure you plan carefully!

If in doubt, download a free app! There are loads of budgeting apps but The Telegraph have helpfully compiled a list of a few good ones.


Plan meals in advance

Ok, we’re not saying stick to a regimented schedule for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but having most of your meals planned out each week certainly helps your bank balance! As delicious as the food outlets are on campus, picking up a lunch or coffee after lectures can get expensive if it becomes habit. Instead, try pre-planning meals by getting what you need for the week during your grocery shop and preparing at home. Making yourself a nice lunch to look forward to shouldn’t be hard if you’re budgeting correctly, you can even try using these fun templates!


Of course, walking and cycling is cheaper and healthier, but when situations calls for a bus journey, make sure you’re getting the best deal for yourself. Be sure to get yourself a Key just in case. Multi-trip tickets or Period tickets might save you money compared to day riders, just do the maths and choose the most appropriate.

You can also consider getting a coach or rail card for a small fee. A Young Persons Coachcard from National Express for example costs £10/year or £25 for 3 years but with 1/3 off fares, this will pay for itself after a few trips if you travel often.

No Late Night Takeaways!!

It’s been a long, fun-filled, drunken night out in Portswood and you’re itching for a nice big kebab to ease your hungry stomach. Stop! By all means indulge in the occasional takeaway but fast food after every night out will start to take its toll on your savings! Make yourself a snack before you leave for a night out, so when you get home, it’s right there, ready and waiting!

Student Discount

Student discounts are your best friend on every shopping trip! There’s no need to get an NUS card, your student ID card will do the trick! Here’s a good directory of which stores offer a student discount.

Have you got any ideas of your own that you would like to share with us? Get in touch on Twitter @yoursusu.

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