Forget the Oscars…it’s Union Awards time!

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We know how hard you work and how important it is to all of you that we recognise your achievements. That’s why, last year, we introduced the Course Rep Awards to celebrate the successes of the students who represent your courses and work to improve your education. Whether it’s one of your Course Reps, Academic Presidents or Faculty Officers, if you know someone who deserves recognition for their hard work, this is your chance to reward them.

But it doesn’t stop there. Of course, your courses wouldn’t be what they are without your lecturers and we know how much you value their commitment to your academic experience. We created the Excellence in Teaching Awards so you can acknowledge the lecturers who have gone that extra mile during your time here at university.

This year’s awards ceremonies promise to be a real celebration of achievements across the university, as we merge the two into one large event to applaud the staff and students who have made a real impact to your education.


Details of the Awards ceremony will be announced soon. There may be some changes from last year, so stay tuned.

To find out more about the awards available, click here for CRAs or here for ETAs.

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