Housing Week: Read The Small Print Day

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How many times have you signed up to something without reading the small print? Whether it be a mobile phone contract, mailing list, terms and conditions on a social media account or even your housing contract, we have all done it. We all know we shouldn’t, but who has the time to traipse through pages of size 8 font just in case something is important, right?!

Well, we are here to help. It is really important that you do read the small print with whatever it is you are signing to ensure that you don’t get yourself into any issues further down the line. As part of our Housing Week this week, we are offering to give you the advice and support you need to know what to look for in a housing contract to make the process more straightforward.

Join us between 10-4pm today on the Concourse, Building 42 at Highfield campus for our ‘Read the Small Print Day’ to give you help and support concerning housing laws and policies. Plus, we will be covering all things about housing safety – you can even watch a kitchen fire demonstration from Fire and Rescue!

All of these events are FREE courtesy of your Students’ Union.

Find out more here.

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