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The nominations for Spring Elections are open, but how much do you really know about the elections process? Find out more with our myth-buster!

“I can’t run as a Full-Time Sabbatical Officer because I’m in first year’

Full-Time Officer roles are 35 hours a week (full-time as a the name suggests), so you are able to take a year out of your studies to run, no matter what year you are in or what you are studying. You can then return to your studies as normal once the position has ended.

“I don’t like public speaking so there are no positions that I can get involved in”

You may hear more about the Full-Time roles that we offer, but there are many other part-time positions available which require little or no public speaking. Confidence when speaking to groups does help, but as long as you feel you can represent the opinions of students, then you can run! We will offer training for positions as well to help you find out more about the roles, settle in and gain confidence.

“Will I have to campaign for a role?”

We are completely student led which means that only you, the students, can vote in the elections. In other words, you will have to campaign, but the campaign period is a great opportunity to showcase your ideas and show other students why you would be great at the job!

“It’s just a popularity contest”.

Hold up friend! Just because someone knows a lot of people doesn’t mean any of them will vote for them. Why not be the vote that tips the scales?

“I’ll never change anything”.

Not with that attitude! Students have been instrumental in introducing big changes at The University of Southampton over the years. You can read some of the things that your Full-Time Officers are doing on a daily basis here. Make your vote count!

“I’m not political enough”.

Whoa there! If there aren’t any particular issues you’re passionate about, simply vote for someone who will make things better for students at university

Where can I find out more?

Head over to www.susu.org/IWill for all the information you need including role descriptions, key dates and how the campaign period works.

You can also ask us at any time via our Facebook, WSA Facebook and Twitter pages or just come down to the Union at any time to speak to a member of staff.

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