17 Societies You Didn’t Know Existed

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Your Students’ Union offers over 300+ clubs and societies for you to join while you study at the University of Southampton. There really is something for everyone. Each group is student led and supported by the Union. In no particular order, these are 17 interesting and unusual societies that you’d be a fool not to join.

Assassin’s Society

Mock assassinate a target (another member of the society) without being detected or ‘assassinated’ yourself. This society will unleash your inner Jason Bourne, will it beat the other Bournes?!

Price: Free


Breakdance Society

Turn yourself into a B-Boy in a couple of weeks and the next time you go to Oceana, you’ll impress even the bouncers! Beginner classes are 1-3pm on Wednesdays – get yourself poppin!

Price: £20 annual

Where: Multi-Purpose Studio, Building 42, Students’ Union


Buddist Meditation Society

Modern day information overload getting you stressed? Come and free your mind (leave that iPhone at home!) at the Buddist Meditation society from 3-4pm on Wednesdays.

Price: Free

Where: Clubs and Societies Room, Building 42, Students’ Union


Cake Decorating Society

Bake-off got you inspired? Are you the next Mary Berry? There are free trial options to see if you like it, but who doesn’t want to decorate a cake!? Cake Decorating Society have organised sessions for members to come and decorate either pre-baked cakes or dummies, with utensils provided by the society. Tuesday’s 4:45 pm.

Price: £12 annual

Where: Clubs and Societies Room, Building 42, Students’ Union


Canoe Polo

Yep, you heard it right, canoeing mixed with polo! Here are some of the rules: 5 players on each team, the ball can be thrown by hand or flicked with paddle, no paddling so teamwork is a must! This sport sounds pretty dangerous but all the safety is catered for with full face guards, paddy buoyancy aids etc. There are competitions and camping trips too!

Price: £25 semester, £40 annual

Where: Fridays 9-10pm and Saturdays 8-10pm at the Jubilee Sports Centre pool.


Circus Society

Can you juggle? Do you want to juggle? What about unicycle and diablo? The circus society is all about meeting people, getting involved and having fun. Join their Facebook groups to find out more about meet-ups.

Price: Free


DJ Society

Can you spin decks? Tired of playing at just pre-drinks? With this society you can play at events around Uni and in the city. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to spread your new-found bangers! Join the Facebook group to get integrated (click on the link above).

Price: Free


Hillwalking Society

Have a chat whilst seeing some great views? Who could decline such an offer!? Membership is not required, just turn up. The only cost is a train ticket. Away Trips = 6 per year / 2 per term, weekend trips to the most beautiful parts of Britain; Snowdonia, Lake District, Cornwall etc.

Price: Train ticket to each location


Wildlife Protection Society

Animal welfare is a massive issue in today’s world especially with our unsustainable demand for meat. This society promotes better care for our animals with talks and visits to nature reserves and wildlife centres. Click on the link above to find out more about upcoming meet-ups.

Price: Free


Worldview Society

Ever feel things aren’t quite how they seem? Is the media not showing the whole story due to vested interests? Worldview Society has screenings of influential documentaries and talks with guest speeches. Events are often monthly and vary in topics from colonialism to surveillance.

Price: Free

Where: Building 2, Highfield campus


Tea Society

If you love a good brew, which surely you must do…..then this is the society for you! Their desire is to provide an opportunity in a relaxing environment for meeting and socializing with new people and to promote all kinds of different tea from around the world, such as herbal, oolong, green, darjeeling and of course, English breakfast tea! The society don’t have an active social media page at the moment, but you can email them at tea@soton.ac.uk.

Price: Free


Sign Language Society

Learning sign language is a hugely useful tool in life and can be very fun whilst leaning in a group. They offer professional and non-professional classes for people who want to learn the language. Check out their Facebook group via the link above to find out more about their meet-ups.

Price: Free


Real Ale and Cider Society

Do you like either of these things? If so get yourself down to this society and enjoy the social events to breweries, famous pubs and cider houses, as well as visits to local pubs, pub games competitions, and BBQs.

Price: £4 annual


Quidditch Society

Yep you’ve all heard about Quidditch societies when talking about university. It is no myth people! Southampton Quidditch was established in 2013 and follows the the rules set out by the International Quidditch Association.

Price: £45 annual (includes access to competitions and events, kit with name and number on).


Poker Society

So you think you’re the new Dan Blizarian….but can you walk the walk!? Regular poker tournaments with buy-ins only at £3 so you will not lose all your student loan! Events are often on Wednesdays but check the page for details.

Price: Free membership


Life Saving Society

Obviously an extremely useful skill as you never know when you might be in a sticky situation. On TUESDAY they have a two hour swimming session, 8pm-10pm, where they do an hour of general fitness and run Scenario Training. Scenarios are where you have two minutes to treat people whilst in teams of four. On THURSDAYS they meet in the Clubs and Societies Room, Building 42, Students’ Union to teach you essential lifesaving skills such as bandaging and CPR. The final hour (8-9pm) is race training in the Jubilee Sports Centre pool. Examples are towing a person for a length and swimming under gates.

Price: £45 annual membership (covers training and competition costs).


Chess Society

A casual chess club that meets on Thursdays 7.30-10pm at The Cafe before moving to the pub. All are welcome from beginners to experts.

Price: £8 annual membership (includes transport to events and equipment costs).

If you want to find out more about the clubs and societies you can join while you’re here, click here.

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