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Happy Valentine’s Day!

For the job-seekers among you, as well as thinking of your loved ones, you may be thinking about your next interview. But, did you know that interview etiquette is a lot like dating?

Here are some tips on how that all important interview is a lot like dating… and how to survive it!

1. You will be agonising over what to wear

First impressions are important make sure you dress smartly and conservatively and plan your outfit the night before to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. If in doubt, get a second opinion.

2. Arrive on time

There’s nothing worse than being kept waiting, it implies that you aren’t really bothered which is bad in your work life and in your love life! Show you care by being on time!

3. Body language

Just like dating, subtly mirror the other interviewers’s body language. Avoid crossing arms and maintain eye contact to show you are listening.

4. Consider your conversation

You wouldn’t bring up politics, religion or past relationships on a date, so don’t at an interview! Keep conversation positive, focused on the questions you have been asked and avoid bad-mouthing ex-employers!

5. Treat the staff like you would your boss 

Employers will judge you based on the way you speak to other staff that may be on a lower pay-scale to you, so in the same way you wouldn’t be rude to the waiters on a date, don’t be rude to the reception staff!

6. Who should make the first move for the second date? 

Just like dating, if the interview went well, you will be hanging over the phone hoping that they will call you back. Always send a thank-you letter after the interview and patiently wait to hear.

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