Society Spotlight: Meet Real Ale and Cider Society

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It’s time to kick back, relax with a pint and meet Charles Roffey, President of Real Ale and Cider Society and Treasurer, Josh Upton. With eighty members, the Real Ale and Cider Society endorses local pubs and breweries and samples what they have to offer as well as offering discounts at the best places around Southampton.   

When did the society start?

Spring 2011

What is the best part about being involved in your society?

Being introduced to some great tasting beers and ciders that you would never have tried before and getting discounts on them whilst doing so.

Why should students join your Society?

The Society gives a unique environment for fellow students to come and enjoy delicious alcohol with some great people and also teach you how to make it yourself.

Do you have had any previous knowledge of Real Ale and Cider (such as the how it is made etc) to join?

None is necessary but a liking for beer or cider is a good start.

What could those who haven’t attended a beer or cider tasting and who weren’t previously aware of the history of the Campaign for Real Ale could gain from being a member?

A wealth of knowledge from our many members who have collectively spent years sampling some of the finest Real Ale in the world.

How much knowledge of the subject would you need to take part?


A fun fact about your society/If you could teach us one thing about your subject or the society.

We have our own home brewing kit and regularly host Home Brewing events to teach fellow students how to do it themselves easily and safely.

Does your society require anything to take part e.g. clothing, equipment, knowledge?


Any events/meetings coming up that you would like students to know about?

We regularly meet up every Thursday so check our Facebook group to see where we will be going this week.


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