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Formed in December 2014, CrimSoc have rapidly grown to a healthy 330 members. When they’re not visiting crime museums and prisons, you can find them hanging out to watch the latest episode of CSI or The Bridge. We caught up with CrimSoc President, Kamil, to find out more…

Describe your society and what it is you do:

The society was created to give a space to Criminology students and all other people interested in topics like crime, forensics and investigation. We organise trips to seminars at the University of Oxford, trips to courts, crime museums and much more. We also organise socials, crime-themed pub quizzes, pizza and movie nights. Our next event will probably be a murder mystery night! We have 330 members, with 30 people coming to events on a regular basis. We once had 60 people come to our Criminal Minds marathon, which was a really popular event.

What is the best part about being involved in your society?

The best thing about our society is that our members are very passionate and there is something for everyone. Students should join as it’s a great place to meet new people, learn something more about the world of crime, and have fun!

Do you have to be a student studying or have previous experience of the subject to join?

No, you need zero knowledge of the subject, but you would definitely need to like things crime-themed! We welcome everyone! Our members come from all different backgrounds and courses. We have many people joining our events from courses that are not related with criminology. About 70% of our members are Criminology and Sociology students and the rest are from all different courses. Even if someone watches only crime series’ and has no other involvement in crime, they will find some of our events very interesting!

What could those who aren’t studying or have had previous experience of the subject gain from being a member?

I think the events that they would most enjoy are the pizza and movie nights, the murder mystery nights, or the pub quizzes. First of all, they would learn something new, and secondly they would have the chance to meet people with the same interests!


If you could teach us one fun fact or tell us a story about CrimSoc, what would it be?

We’re all passionate about criminology, so it’s not very uncommon to see us chat about things that most people get shivers from! We’ve had socials in pubs where we have been talking about a crime scene in detail and we definitely got some funny stares!

Does your society require anything to take part e.g. clothing, equipment, knowledge?

Only a good attitude and loads of positive energy! We are currently fundraising for CSI equipment, but members will be given full training on how to use this if we get it.

When is your next social coming up?

Most of our events run on Tuesday evenings. They are either pub quizzes or movie nights. Next Tuesday probably will be having a pop quiz, but we are planning to have a murder mystery night before Easter! And if someone is interested in helping to run the society, we are organising the elections for the new committee! We are also ordering hoodies for Year 3 Criminology students. On the front, there will be the University logo and ‘Criminology 2013-2016’ on the back. You can register your interest in buying one here (prices are likely to be £18 per hoodie, depending on popularity). There will also be hoodies for all CrimSoc members soon!

If someone is interested in any of our activities, the best thing is to join our Facebook group as we are posting there all the updates!

 If you would like your society to appear in the spotlight, contact our Communications Team at comms@susu.org or tweet us @yoursusu.



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