Brand Review: An Update

In General

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Thank you for taking part


It’s a very exciting time here at your Students’ Union as we enter the next phase of our Brand Review. It all started with an initial Brand Review Survey which received a staggering total of 2,562 responses. This was followed by six Brand Workshops (3 for students, 3 for staff) which got participants thinking about what the ‘SUSU’ brand means to them and the changes they would like to see going forward.


Thank you to each and every one of you who got involved to become part of this important landmark in our future.


Where we’re at now


Our findings have been sent to Holdens’, the Manchester based agency assisting with our brand review, who are in the process of writing a Strategic Brand Positioning Report to make recommendations about the direction of the brand. Our very own design team here at the Students’ Union is being closely involved in the creative process and most recently took a trip to Manchester last week to review all of the feedback together with the Holdens’ team.


A look ahead


Following their report, Holdens’ will present their brand concepts to the Union and, guided by students, we will provide our feedback and select the specific route that will determine the new identity of the brand. Following our input, Holdens’ will then provide us with a toolkit and brand communication guidelines – essentially, a brand bible to make sure we live and breathe the new brand in everything we do.


The new brand will then be launched towards the end of April/early May.


In the meantime…


If you would like to raise any questions or share your thoughts on the Brand Review, email your Union President Ben at pres@susu.org


We hope you’re as excited as us to see how the look and feel of ‘SUSU’ is transformed but, more importantly, to becoming a brand that reflects everything we do – and each and every one of you as members of the Students’ Union.

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